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Your long-form post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn. A small percentage of articles will get featured in Pulse channels. There are dozens of channels based on geography and industry, and a combination of algorithms and editors determine which articles get featured. To reach a larger audience, share your article on other sites and send Author: Nathan Tanner. And luckily for me, they also make it pretty easy to sort through the entire archive of Pulse articles based on their popularity. How convenient for a blogger writing about the top Pulse articles of all time. Heh. So, here are the top 20 LinkedIn Pulse articles "of all time" as ranked by LinkedIn Pulse, themselves. Jun 27,  · If you have started to use LinkedIn Publishing, you may be wondering how to get your articles read by more people. More views with your LinkedIn articles means that you have the ability to build more credibility and recognition, make new connections, .

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Top influencers are already publishing on LinkedIn, so people are seeking out content on the platform to read. This cannot be linkedin articles about your typical WordPress blog. Despite its awesome content marketing potential, The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is still new and understanding what makes a post on the platform perform well is relatively unknown.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand what type of content performs best, and how to replicate that magic formula for LinkedIn content success in your subsequent posts. There are already a number of posts on OkDork about viral contentlinkedin articles, effective headlinesand how to create great content that drives traffic.

Click to tweet. Including 8 images when you publish on LinkedIn is associated with a greater number of LinkedIn shares, likes, comments, and views. Make sure that 1 of those 8 images is at the top of the post. Many people include an image in the very beginning to act as a sort of header image, linkedin articles.

Unfortunately, the data indicates that the inclusion of multimedia assets linkedin articles associated with fewer post views, linkedin articles. Headlines are often considered the most important part of a blog post. Websites like BuzzFeed and UpWorthy have built their business around crafting content with headlines that entice click-through.

A good headline can make or break a post linkedin articles you post on LinkedIn, linkedin articles. Want more marketing tips, linkedin articles, like LinkedIn growth strategies? Check out my podcast. Using headings H1, H2, H3 tags, etc. Posts between and words perform the linkedin articles and gain the greatest number of post views, LinkedIn likes, LinkedIn comments, and LinkedIn Shares.

Posts written in language linkedin articles a positive sentiment tend to get the most LinkedIn shares and likes. However, neutral language posts tend to see more comments and post views than both positive and negative sentiments. Likewise, professional photographers use them to capture unique photographs that would be hard to get by walking…".

About the topic of drones, linkedin articles, it is neither positive nor negative. It is neutral and all about stating the facts, linkedin articles. If the sentiment of your post is not inherently clear to you, there are a number of free sentiment analysis tools you can use to assess your writing, linkedin articles, such as AlchemyAPI. A positive sentiment score will be greater than 0, linkedin articles, a neutral score will not have a score, and a negative sentiment will be less than 0.

If you are planning to use other social networks to promote your LinkedIn publisher post, which you should, linkedin articles, Tweets have linkedin articles highest correlation to LinkedIn success metrics, linkedin articles. The LinkedIn publishing platform is no exception. Tip: You can use a tool like Twitter Analytics or Tweriod to determine the best times to promote your posts.

These are the time I should be Tweeting for a maximum of impressions, linkedin articles. LinkedIn post likes are the common denominator between the other LinkedIn metrics.

More post likes will also get you LinkedIn shares, post views, and comments according to correlation data. Tip: Adding a call to action at the end or beginning of your postencouraging people to click the thumbs up and like the post is likely a very effective way of gaining more views and shares.

The effort required to like a post is less than adding a comment or even sharing it, but linkedin articles can lead to both! In the end, linkedin articles, you should be doing what works. Get featured in your channel of linkedin articles, get tons of post views, send referral traffic, use it for SEOlinkedin articles, or get email list subscribers. The world is wide open. In addition to the data, I put together a bonus section that shows you exactly linkedin articles to make content on LinkedIn get more views, linkedin articles.

You can access the bonus content here. If you have a question or thought, linkedin articles, leave a comment belowand I'll do my best to satiate your hunger for knowledge. Leave a comment with the funniest title that describes your job.

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Amazingly helpful metrics for being successful or at least posting successfully on LinkedIn. Thank you. Great tips - thanks for sharing I'll be adopting these. Have found that slide shares and video do get us a good number of linkedin articles etc so will continue with these to see how it goes. Unfortunately the 'access bonus linked in content' link didn't work for me This article is incredible!

I'm in the process of transitioning learning the digital effectiveness from the Marketing perspective. I'm in a tough season of unemployment and have a background in Strategy and Sales Analytics, so adding this skill set is exciting and am hoping to grow to a space where I will be more well-rounded. Thanks again! You mention longer posts being read more, linkedin articles, but posts are short. LinkedIn uses the word article for lengthier writing. Again, are you talking about articles?

Thank you so much for the advise, linkedin articles. It will really help me. I have posted at least 21 articles and often wonder are they being viewed. Can you share a couple of your articles? I need to start crafting these for a client! I'm an active blogger and specialize in long, linkedin articles, evidence-based scientific pieces.

But I've never written a long form LinkedIn post! Would love to read yours. The above article helps to write the LinkedIn publishing the article or the content for the students or the writers. Hi Thanks! Most informative! How do I publish an article on the LinkedIn platform not on my personal profile please? Not sure, linkedin articles, I think probably LinkedIn also promote your article to the relevant audience. Same thing happened to me. Found the article helpful, but was curious to get the rest of the info.

I can relate to most of the ideas except Your writing should have a neutral tone. I think linkedin articles very subjective. I suspect there is another variance at play! Thank You, for the help. I am most confounded that I write my article on google docs and I use color to highlight important facts or statements. Then when I paste it into my IN post it changes the entire linkedin articles into a plain article completely separated one line from another.

I have to edit and pull it all back together and still have no color or fonts or size choices. Why can't Linked IN just give us more choices like google docs? Thank you for consideration. My job is to confidentially make annoying problems that someone has had plaguing them for for a long time go away.

I've been making a living doing this for a long time and almost no one wants to take on the challenge and linkedin articles it is silly to sign up for it. I love it! This is great! I just started writing articles on LinkedIn and this is just what the doctor ordered. I'm a dinosaur at My job title "Old dog learning new tricks. Especially since it says that the article was last updated in I saw just now that comments are linkedin articleswhich makes more sense, linkedin articles.

I'm curious to know if you have access to more recent statistics that says anything about what amount of engagement native video on Linkedin gets, compared to other types of content. Makes me wonder what the reality is as is about to end? You have any clue? Linkedin articles can't speak to LinkedIn, linkedin articles, but I've managed several high-budget digital campaigns on FB and I can tell you that the whole video craze linkedin articles stats are complete nonsense.

I have found that certain useless metrics go way up with video but substantive stats that correlate to linkedin articles and sales are unaffected. So be cautious not to pay too much mind to them, or spend too much of your budget focusing on those.

Ultimately, it really depends on the digital strategy you're planning to implement, linkedin articles. For simple brand awareness and exposure campaigns where you aren't relying on real return but need to see people are gaining awareness, video is fine and often times the best way to get across a singular message. But for actionable results in terms of your sales funnel or substantive actions outside of your post, video has very little additional affect if any, linkedin articles.

In fact in my campaigns, it actually linkedin articles any additional actions because people would view the video through autoplay features and move on without clicking or taking any further actions.

I would use video in an integrated approach and solely for exposure. When it comes to real spending and return, stick with a relevant photo as your lead visual and behind that you can throw a link to something with more info that may contain a video, linkedin articles, but the trick is to get them there first. If you want linkedin articles use video and have users take action, stick your video on a landing page on autoplay behind your main paid post.

FB Canvas is great for something like this if you don't have your own server or site to launch behind your ads.


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May 13,  · 10 LinkedIn Publishing Tips: We Analyzed LinkedIn Blog Posts. Last updated on May 13, This is a post by Paul Shapiro.. Make sure you check out his blog, Search Wilderness and follow him on Twitter. LinkedIn has opened the floodgates to a world of content with their new publishing platform and it’s an amazing way to expose your writing to a highly-professional network of readers. Jul 26,  · I joined LinkedIn in the very early days, but then went years without getting a single piece of business from the social network. Fortunately, this changed when I started publishing articles, and Author: Bruce Kasanoff. 6. Check the analytics: LinkedIn gives you great analytics to show you the success of your articles. This gives you a great opportunity to pay attention to which types of articles are getting the most views, comments, and social shares. Following the same suggestions listed above, below is a screenshot of a blog I wrote on LinkedIn.